Mug Shots from the ‘Police Picture’ slide show

N.Hollywood is one of my favorite past times! I have nothing but passion for this forward thinking brand whose collections have always moved me in the most non describable ways! Each collection is based on a great theme and is followed through perfectly. After the success of AW10 I knew SS11 would be a hit! I will honestly say that there is not one piece out of this collection that I would not purchase! I shall definitely be on the chase for a few of the pieces regardless of the lack of stockists in the UK but I hear Oki-ni will be stocking it and all I can do is wait and see how they buy it.

Now for a more intellectual read, I have stolen a write up from N.Hollywoods site on the collection…

– “Anxiety, tenseness and resignation when pointed by viewfinder… In fact, circumstances that is imaginable only for those who have been caught on film. What is apparent from the record is the fact of committing the crime. Record files of unspecified and completely different people. “Police Picture” around 1910~1940 is the theme for N.Hoolywood this season. We have focused on mug shots, which is the most symbolic figure of the theme.Like the pieces with the detail of the numbers directly printed and jackets with horizontally long rectangle panel on the chest, we got the inspiration from the record of the criminals at that time. We have broken down unique mixture of the formal wear and prisoners’ uniform into coordination and details. At the presentation, large-sized photograph that associates the mug shots of that time were displayed on the walls of the entire gallery. Also, a 12 inch wide slit on a eye line level were made on the wall on one side and when the people look into it they could see the situation where each model been taken mug shot”. –

my favourite look!

click here for slide show

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