JULIUS surprised me this time round. I’ve been an admirer of the brand ever since we were introduced three whole seasons ago with the images and shows only adding to create this ‘Dark’ conception about it. I was waiting to be taken into a anagogic showroom followed by hand shakes where black nail varnish was the conventional affair, I couldn’t have been more miscalculated. We were lead through these sizeable edwardian style doors into a courtyard, which took us through to a spacious showroom with white walls instantly making it evident that the garments would stand out. Indeed they did with scaffolding rails impregnated with acknowledged styles leaping out. It took me a good hour to go through and start selecting pieces, I started to see a lot of items that I didn’t expect to see as I was so used JULIUS pre bought with the leather jackets and jeans always being prominent pieces within the collection. The knitwear for me was one of the strongest areas with a number of crew neck jumpers with subtle details and the use of carefully selected fabrics was something I wanted to see more of. I’ve always found myself drawn towards the footwear simply because it’s so solid. This season was no different with the cuban heeled boot from AW10 being taken to a new dimension with an untouchable shape that reminds me so much of a pair of Yohji Yamamoto engineer boots I once saw on a boy who rocked them so well it hurt. The accessories were in a league of their own with fully handmade leather bags bought to life in the shape of assorted animal skulls, I know for a fact H.Lorenzo will have bought into them so keep your glassies peeled for them. The appointment ended with conversations about Gaspar Noé’s, Enter The Void moving swiftly onto myself staring and thinking of how I could get the parisian gemstone working in the showroom, next season it is then.


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